Thursday, July 14, 2011

Humboldt Park 'cross practice

Humboldt Park is a great venue for cyclocross. It has it all - hills, dirt, grass, pavement, sand and gravel. For a few years now, Jason Knauff of ChiCrossCup and Burnham Racing fame has organized 'cross practices in Humboldt Park, usually starting in August. This year I've tried to organize a few off-season practices in spring and summer.

Yesterday we had sunny skies and fall-like temperatures, which were reasons enough for a little 'cross practice. First order of business was to find a safe spot for our backpacks:

Seemed like a good idea - at least they were visible from throughout the park!

Next we decided on a short course twisting and turning through the park:

Then we did a few sets of hotlaps, which finished with an uphill sprint:

In September and October, we often have 20+ participants at these practices. So far this year, it's been more like 6 or 8. The next practice is likely to be Tuesday July 19th at 6pm...all are welcome!

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