Monday, September 26, 2011

USGP Sun Prairie

My first USGP races this weekend in Sun Prairie I would say were a success. Saturday I started near the back in 71st and managed to make my way into the lead on the first lap. After a few laps solo and some time getting acquainted with the dirt, the race came down to a photo finish.

I would have liked the top step, but second is still pretty good in my book.

Day 2 on Sunday did not start out as anyone would have hoped. Temperatures in the 40's and rain made conditions tough. It also made me wonder what I had gotten myself into. The race began with another start in 77th near the back. After the second lap I found a partner in crime to swap the lead with each lap. Again, some time getting to know the mud face to face left me behind to claim 2nd place. Hat's off to Tyler Jenema from Mafia Racing. His skills and balance in the mud gave him the clear advantage over me.

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