Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pedaling 2

While I wholeheartedly agree with Scott’s comments on pedaling and share his enthusiasm for Saturday’s Norge Ski Jump CX, I had a great time at Sunday’s Camp Duncan CX, too. Each lap was like a micro Chequamegon, complete with Rosie’s field start, lots of jeep road, some Birkie-like climbs & descents, Firetower Hill with a barrier at the bottom, and a sand trap. Not necessarily conditions that suit me, but I had a good day on course.

After a poor start, I kept my position through all the fast stuff & entered the tricky section of the course in 11th position. After some twisting, grassy ups & downs, a stair climb, & a sand trap, I left the beach leading the race for a New York minute! The series leaders quickly put me back in my place, but I managed hold on & finish 5th. Best ever for me in CCC series.

Coupled with a 4th-place finish in a smaller field on Saturday, it was a great weekend.

Photos by John K. Lindsey

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