Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Last weekend was the first of 2 doubles for the Chicago Cross Cup, Saturday in Wauconda & Sunday in Carpentersville.  Storms rolled through the region Friday night through Sunday afternoon – including tornado warnings in Carpentersville – with promise of fun racing conditions.  The masters races were mostly spared the sloppy conditions of later races, especially my 8:45am 40+ start.
Wauconda is a go-cart course and is usually my worst race of the year, where I give up ten or more spots compared to a usual finish.   This year I was determined to at least have a respectable finish.  I wound up in a heated race for 10th where I finished 3rd of 3 (i.e. 12th).  Lots of fun racing the last few laps with my usual cronies, and the 12th-place finish was equal to my best to date.
Hot race for 10th in Wauconda (photo: Burnham Racing)
Outside of the Chicago Park District, Carpentersville is my favorite venue & among my favorite courses.  Main Street Bikes has a BMX pedigree.  So every year I'm enthused to hear the shop guys shouting "Go Redline!"  And their pump track is always a blast!  The overnight rain had made the pump track challenging but ride-able – at least for my race.  I guess the conditions suited me because I finished 6th – 6 places better than previously this year.  Big thanks to John Gatto, who interrupted his warm-up to hurry to the pit & assist me with a bike change.  He even cleaned & prepped the dropped bike.
And thanks to Lauri Nowak for coming out early to shoot the old fellas:

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