Monday, October 8, 2012


Europe waits a few weeks extra to enter veldrijden season compared to the US-not a worry as we're  still racing up to the start of the Classics!  My traditional opener is a little race in Montfoort, NL.  Similar to a local US race-very tight and twisty course around a city park.  Only there's a large molen across the street.

Tradition is important in European racing-tradition here means mud.  The race could easily be renamed Mudfoort as race day always brings a downpour in the morning with the sun poking out midday.  The difference in the course between warmup and race is amazing-what could easily be ridden early in the day is a 3 meter wide mudpit after one race.  Thankfully I've never done the last race of the day here!  And it's a harsh reminder sliding skills are a bit rusty as we're all still fresh off the pavement.  Can't say much exciting about the day's effort-being the foreigner with no points call up in 63rd position means a lot of position fighting on a course where passing amounts to just staying upright and not backsliding running up the canal banks.  The goal is simply to have a good race.  Goal accomplished despite an unexciting 41st place finish on the day.

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