Monday, October 3, 2011

Cross the domes

On Saturday I traveled to Milwaukee for Cross the Domes, put on by My Wife Inc.
Matt Shriver leads eventual winner Brian Matter through a tight off-camber compound left corner. This was followed by a more-than-180-degree off-camber right turn and then up the stairs in the background. Fantastic! Photo: Jeremy Rodriguez
The course was fantastic - a great mix of fast and slow corners, several off-camber turns, a steep but mercifully short climb, and a long sand pit. It was one of those courses with great 'flow' where you could either carry a lot of speed by stringing together three corners just right, or find yourself grinding to a near halt if you didn't nail that first apex.

A new variation on the famous Hemme grimace in front of ones of the domes.. Mike and I carpooled up to Milwaukee along with Jeff Wat. Photo: Jeremy Rodriguez
About three hundred racers participated in Cross the Domes this year, less than half the number who came out for the second stop of the Chicago Cyclocross Cup in DeKalb, Illinois the next day. The Milwaukee race is every bit as close to my home in the city of Chicago as the DeKalb race. While 300 racers is a solid turn out, this was a first-class event at a great venue and I expect to see it grow next year. I'll be there.

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