Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sunshine and a six pack

Sunday's ChiCrossCup race at Sunrise Park in Bartlett was well near perfect. We had gorgeous weather, we had a fun course that was technically challenging despite the lack of precipitation, we had a big-name pro come out to beat up on the locals in the Elite race, and we had a six pack.

The six pack, of course, refers to six barriers set up in a row. The six pack has its roots in the Chicago stop of the SuperCup cyclocross series of the late 1990's. SRAM team members J.P. and Scott both raced the Supercup and remember the six pack. What they remember most was that it seemed far easier to clear the barriers at a dead run back then, than it was at Bartlett.  That may be because they were a bit more spry in those days, but it may also be because the Bartlett barriers were a good four or even six inches taller. No one is complaining here - cyclocross is supposed to be hard.  The six pack was another fun-but-tough feature of the Bartlett course and I hope it will be back next year!

SRAM employee, ex-pro roadie and occasional CX racer Ben Raby was on hand taking photos of the elite event so we're going to do a quick pictorial review of that race...

The moment after the start whistle...look who's smiling!:

   Mike Hemme made a strong move halfway through the first lap:

Scott and Kevin negotiating the first of six barriers:

Brian and Kevin of The Pony Shop CX Team were early animators of the race and finished a strong 3rd and 4th:

David Reyes looking 100% pro:

Barry Wicks, who really is 100% pro, took the lead in the third lap and never let it go:

And finally, Scott getting dangerously close to striking a pedal in a tight, off-camber uphill turn:

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